Mark brings our work to the world on his online fundraising platform

You can even see Aishworya on Mark's website!

Mark’s website – you can see Aishworya on the left!

Mark is the Founder and Chief Executive of, an online fundraising and charity donation platform. He says:

“We have been involved with Aishworya for over five years. Beginning in 2009, we participated in a local business fundraiser to support the expenses for retail clerks to travel to Nepal and provide volunteer services. Patrons of the businesses donated small cash contributions into a POP mason jar, alongside friends and family. We’ve since provided online visibility to Aishworya via our digital media platform, and provide direct donor contributions via PayPal.”

Quite a few of our visitors come with teams from work, and they always come away saying how worthwhile their trip has been. And getting friends and work colleagues to chip in is a great way to raise funds before you visit – we’re really glad Mark could come!

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