Helen brings friends to visit us

5. Helen Neale

Helen and her friends with Aama

Every year Helen travels from her home in New Zealand to Nepal to host small trekking parties. They always come to visit Aishworya during their trip. She says:

“In 2008 I was on one of my annual trekking trips. I was in Thamel outside Northfield café and spoke to Stephanie Roberson (a volunteer at the time) who was encouraging passers-by to eat at the café that evening. The café would donate money to Aishworya with every meal purchased that night. That led to me visit Aishworya the next day, meeting with Pramila and Nirmala (Aama) and all the children. I travel to Nepal every year, taking small groups trekking and now I always take my groups to visit Aishworya to introduce them to the wonderful work that the Ghimire family do. To raise money for Aishworya, before every trip I send out an email to my contacts asking for voluntary donations.

The kids love it when Helen comes back to visit!

The kids love it when Helen comes back to visit!

Over the years I’ve watched the children grow and develop. Dilip with his artistry; Sujita who has grown into a lovely confident young lady; Jack who is now working overseas; “the bananas” (a nickname for a group of very little boys and girls) so sweet and growing, John Aryal and all the young men now developing work skills and living in their own quarters – just to mention only a few.”

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