Welcome to Aishworya Educational Foundation!

Aishworya Foundation supports 15 children who don’t have family, or whose families can’t look after them. We provide them with:

  • safe, clean, supervised accommodation
  • a good education through local schooling
  • support with vocational training
  • love and care from our (voluntary) staff

We also fund the education of up to 35 children who live with their families, but who would otherwise be unable to afford it. We work with these families, many of whom are vulnerable, to help them build their strength and resilience, and work towards independence in the future.

Our history

Aishworya was set up as a Children’s Home in 2005, when Nirmala Ghimire began looking after some children she found on the streets – they were homeless and hungry, and although she initially took them to an orphanage, the conditions there were so bad that she made the decision to take care of them herself instead.

Aishworya grew quickly as social services began bringing us more children who needed looking after, and for 14 years we have provided a safe home, nutritious meals, and a good education to hundreds of children.

In 2019, with times changing and less need for children’s homes in Nepal, we shifted from a residential children’s home and become instead an Educational Foundation, enabling the children who were being supported by Aishworya Children’s Home (ages 6-17) to receive continued care and education until they can become independent.

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