Running Aishworya

We depend entirely on donations and sponsorship.

All funds go directly to supporting our children. As an Educational Foundation, our primary focus is providing schooling for Nepali children.

To make this possible, for a number of children without family able to support them, we provide accommodation, food, clothes, medical care and ongoing support, without which they would be unable to access that education.

None of us draw a wage for our work.

Monthly expenditure

Over the course of a month, our funding goes towards providing our children with:

  • safe, clean, accommodation, supervised at all times by a member of our staff
  • nutritious food, cooked on site
  • a good education through local schooling
  • vocational training, to help the older children find a career in fields like agriculture, IT, trade, and health

We have always believed our supporters should know exactly how their donation is spent, and our most recent Running Costs are available. As you can see these refer to Aishworya Children’s Home. We have very recently transformed into an Educational Foundation, and we will be providing up to date Running Costs as soon as possible.

If you’d like to help us achieve these goals, see our How to Help page – we’d love to hear from you!