Capucine, Iris, and Dalia set up a sponsorship programme for Aishworya

After visiting Aishworya in 2014, Capucine Querenet returned to her home city of Los Altos and started up a non-profit called “Protect the Children Inc., with financial support from Wells Fargo bank.

Protect the Children Inc. allows American supporters to make tax-deductible donations towards the educational costs of children at Aishworya Children’s Home.

CapucineSince 2014, Capucine and her sisters Dalia and Iris have worked hard to raise money through Protect the Children to pay for the education costs of the children at Aishworya.

In 2018, 16 donors gave an amazing total of $20,100.

Protect the Children Inc. have now covered 100% of the school fees at Prolific School as well as all associated educational costs, for 31 Aishworya children, for 2 years in a row.

This includes registration fee, uniform, tuition, books, stationary, transportation, and a snack lunch.

Alongside generous individuals, the following companies have also donated through Protect the Children Inc. to support the education costs of children at Aishworya:
Apple, Google, Varian, Genentech, Cadence, GGV Law Firm.

Aishworya would like to thank Capucine, Dalia, Iris, and all the donors to Protect the Children Inc. for all their hard work and generosity supporting the vital education of the children at Aishworya.

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