Pete used an online fundraising platform to supply the children with a year’s worth of fresh fruit and vegetables

P. Lewis - making lassi

Making the juice together!

Pete (UK) was planning to visit us, and decided to fundraise before he came. He says:

“When I told Pramila, who runs the home, that I was coming and would like to contribute in some way, she asked, “could you bring a juicer?” She explained that the children only get fresh fruit or veg when there is money left over after rent, bills and school fees.

P. Lewis - Roshan and Dilip sharing juice

Roshan and Dilip sharing juice

I planned to take a juicer but I worried about how she was going to afford the fruit and veg itself, so I set up a fundraiser on a fundraising platform website and asked my friends to contribute to helping the children live healthier happier lives.”

Thanks to the generosity of Pete and his friends, they managed to raise £2,254 for Aishworya!

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