Fundraising for Aishworya

Our friends around the world put huge amounts of effort and creativity into fundraising for Aishworya. Here are some of their stories.

Pete playing football with the kids when he visited in 2014


In November 2018 Pete Lewis is asking friends and family to sponsor him to eat nothing but dal bhat – that’s rice and lentils – just like the children here at Aishworya, to raise money for the older children’s education.

Here’s a recipe for the children’s Dal Bhat  and Tomato Achar  in case you want to try it!


Using the SMILE app

SMILE expands on classroom learning and encourages critical-thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills


Thanks to American volunteers Capucine, Iris, Stanford University’s Professor Kim and his assistant Wilson, our children are enhancing their education with the use of smart devices and Stanford University’s SMILE app.


Garden of Dreams field trip

Capucine took us on a field trip to The Garden of Dreams when she volunteered in 2016



Capucine has also set up a sponsorship programme. Supporters can sponsor a child by covering the annual cost of care and schooling.



Natalie visits Aishworya often - and takes beautiful photos

Natalie volunteers at Aishworya regularly – and takes beautiful photos



Natalie runs social media campaigns to raise money for healthcare, and gets her friends and family involved with Aishworya.



The audience gathering in the cafe before the fun starts

The audience gathering in the cafe before the show



While volunteering with us, Steph organised a fundraising evening of music and dance in a Kathmandu cafe.



Dressing up kids for Halloween!

Dressing up for Halloween!



Iris and her friends ran a series of fundraising events in their hometown, including selling home-baked cookies and running themed children’s parties.


Pramila and Bhagvati make fresh fruit juice for the children

Pramila and Bhagvati making fresh fruit juice



Pete used social media to raise money before he came to visit. With support from friends and colleagues, he was able to buy us a juicer and a year’s worth of fruit and vegetables.



Helen with the 'bananas' (the very little children!)

Helen with the ‘bananas’ (our name for the very little children)



Helen has known us for a long time. She comes back to see us every year and brings groups of trekkers to visit Aishworya for themselves.




Mark's website - look closely for Aishworya!

Mark’s website – look closely for Aishworya!


As well as donating, Mark displays Aishworya on his online fundraising platform – encouraging others to learn about us and donate.


Danielle made everyone smile!

Danielle made everyone smile when she volunteered with us


Danielle’s non-profit organisation supports Aishworya by paying for school fees, shoes, socks, and rice.