Capucine set up a sponsorship programme for Aishworya

Capucine has been fundraising for Aishworya in her home city of Los Altos, California since she was 10. Teamed with her sister, Iris, they’ve done lots of innovative fundraising activities – from selling cookies to running themed kids’ parties.

After visiting Aishworya in 2014, Capucine decided to step her fundraising up a notch, and returned home to start up a non-profit called “Protect the Children Inc., with financial support from Wells Fargo bank. Protect the Children Inc. allows American supporters to make tax-deductible donations.


Capucine when she visited us in June 2016

Capucine has since set up a sponsorship system for US donors. Supporters can choose to cover the cost of sending a child to school (US$415 per year) or the entire cost of taking care of a child (US$900 per year).

Through their generous network, Capucine and Iris have found sponsorship to cover the educational costs for 26 children! This is a huge help for Aishworya.

It’s Capucine and Iris’ mission to find sponsorship for 50 children. This would be life-changing for us – having some costs covered through sponsorship means we we’re able to extend our support to even more children in need and improve the care we’re able to provide.

We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Capucine for her amazing continued support.

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