2012 – a House, a Job, and a Baby

Congratulations Pramila!

Pramila-sister has just had a baby boy – and we are all so happy for her! Pramila works extremely hard for Aishworya, taking care of the children, keeping them healthy and happy and in school – and taking them to the hospital when they are sick.



All the children and volunteers are grateful to Pramila for the work she does – so we wish her the best with her new baby!

Dhanu’s New Job

Since last year Pramila-sister has been working at SERC – the Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for disabled children.

The school where Pramila and Dhanu work

The school where Pramila and Dhanu work

She is a teacher there, and recently did a course in Speech Therapy under the principle of the school Kalpana Basnet, who is a very wonderful person. Pramila works there in the morning and comes back to Aishworya for the afternoon.

Pramila started to take 16 year old Dhanu Tamang  to volunteer at the school, and from now on she will begin to be paid 5000 rupees per month for the work she does – which is wonderful news!

Dhanu at school with the kids

Dhanu at school with the kids

Dhanu will continue to go to school herself in the morning, from 6 to 10am, as she is in the 9th standard and it is very important that she continue her own education. She will then spend 4 hours of the afternoon at the Centre. She enjoys the work very much and it is wonderful that she has this opportunity to learn useful skills, and earn money!


Visit to the Zoo

The small children were taken for zoo visit by our lovely volunteers. The kids enjoyed their visit: they had a great time and were so happy to see the animals.

The keeper tells about the elephants - and we get to pat them!

The keeper tells about the elephants – and we get to pat them!

When we asked the kids about their zoo Paris said “I saw a peacock, a monkey, an elephant and so many birds”.

Shanjana said “I was so afraid to see the lion, and the elephant is really much bigger then in the television.”

Asmita thought the monkeys looked funny and even said one picked her up and carried through the trip!


Spending Children’s Day with our friends

All dressed up for the school celebrations

All dressed up for the  celebrations

After the blessed monsoon finally arrived Katmandu became a bit less dusty and we have been enjoying the cool weather heading into winter, with far fewer mosquitos and some gentle breezes. The monsoon brings with it Children’s Day.

There are many festivals to enjoy over the Nepali year, but for us Children’s Day stands out because it is a day devoted to children.Some of our good friends really helped make the day wonderful: Rita Shrestha, who is a Nepali girl studing in America, has been volunteering at our home – she made this a very special day for all the kids by providing the whole day’s meal for all our Aishworya family.

Rita shows the kids the delicious food she has cooked for them

Rita shows the kids the delicious food she has cooked for them

Mr. Rajendra Agrawal and his friends provided a bollywood matine show for all the children – including providing popcorn and pepsi for everyone!

The travel agency Kailash Travel, whose office is located next to our children home, also organised a lunch party for all our children, which was great.

So all in all, we had a wonderful day and we are very happy and grateful to all the people who made it happen.

A New House for the Boys

Recently we were told by Children’s Rights and Social Welfare Centre of Nepal that as the boys grow older they must have privacy, and can no longer stay in the Home with the rest of the children. We were very worried about what to do, but Mr. Kanak Acharya our neighbor and a very close friend of Aama, has offered a house he owns for the older boys to live in.

The new house for the older boys

The new house for the older boys

It’s right next to the main Aishworya Home, so this way the boys can have some space of their own but still be under our guidance and within easy reach if they need anything.

The boys are pleased to have some independence but they are reluctant to leave Aishworya! They still spend every day here, and only really go back to their new house to sleep!

 We are very thankful to Mr. Acharya for his kindness to our children home.

Aishworya hosts a Blood Donation Event for the Red Cross

At the beginning of October Aishworya provided a venue for the Red Cross to collect blood. The children themselves didn’t give blood as they are too young – instead we advertised in the neighbourhood, telling lots of people and putting up flyers. We expected around 30 people to come, but in the end over 60 turned up in just 3 hours!

Giving blood

Giving blood

...And doing the paperwork - there's lots!

…And doing the paperwork – there’s lots!







At the end the doctors gave a presentation to the children telling them how important it is to give blood once in a while.
We all enjoyed the event a lot and are very pleased that we were able to help the Red Cross in their important work!

Gifts from Our Friends

We also received some wonderful gifts for the whole Aishworya family, including an electronic rice-cooker, 10 blankets, 50kgs of rice and also cookies and cakes for Christmas – all from Kristin from the USA.

Danielle is an ex-volunteer of Aishworya who has been helping us by providing the school shoes to all our children for the last 2 years. And this year Danielle has again helped us with not only school shoes for all the children but also helped us to buy rice and school stockings. Thank you Danielle for you kind support, love and care for us.

Danielle with some of the girls

Danielle with some of the girls

And thanks to our good friends Raffaella Clivio and Malerei Laiminger for school bags and stationary; Nora Wenk and friends for donations sent from the students of the Glass Technology School, Kramsach, in Austria; Andrea, a friend from America, who also helped us out with donations, and Mrs. Mamta, a long-standing family friend of Aishworya, for giving us 50 Dinner Plates.

We are so grateful to all our good friends for their support, gifts, donations, love and friendship, we hope they also had a wonderful Christmas and wish them the best in return!

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