2010 – Apprenticeships and Exhibitions

Celebrating 5 years of Aishworya!

Aishworya Children’s Home was set up in October 2005, which means that 2010 marks our 5th anniversary of caring for Nepali children, of providing food, shelter, education, and a loving environment to all.

Celebrating Aishworya's 5th Anniversary

Celebrating Aishworya’s 5th Anniversary

Re-uniting children with their families

One of the most important things that we work towards is trying to re-unite children with their families. In the first 5 years Aishworya were able to re-unite approximately 30 children with their families.

Anjila and Renjing, an incredibly cute sister and brother, have been with us for the last sixteen months. They used to live with their aunty (mother’s younger sister), and they have always called her mum. While they were in Aishworya their aunty was always in touch with the kids and often came to visit; now she is finally able to look after them herself and they are glad to be together again – though she is grateful to Aishworya for taking care of them!

Anjila smiling at the camera

Anjila smiling at the camera

Renjing in school uniform

Renjing in school uniform









Sumi, an 11 year-old girl and Robin, a 7 year-old boy were also reunited with their family.

Robin, Sumi and Sushmita together

Robin (right) and Sumi (middle) with Sushmita

They had both been trapped into hard labor, but were rescued by the police and brought to Aishworya. Although they are not related, they were from the same town, and thankfully, the police were successfully able to find their parents, and so Sumi and Robin are now back with their families.

Another Year of Education

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our dedicated volunteers and the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we raised enough money for the children stay in school this year!

Children studying hard for their exams!

Children studying hard for their exams!

This was the children’s third consecutive year at school. We are so happy that thanks to all the help and support from our donors and friends, we have been able to keep up the children’s education. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!

Every year so far the children have made us proud by working hard and doing well in their exams, and this year is no different. At the Yearly School Function, the children had to participate in competitions in sports, drawing and dance, and some of our children were awarded by the school Chairman and Principle.

The children pose proudly with their awards

The children pose proudly with their awards

It was very good and happy moment to see the kids getting awards. Our Director Nirmala (Aama) always believed in them and tried her best to encourage the children in order to bring out their inner talents, and we want to thank all our friends, sponsors and well-wishers that this would not have been possible without your support and love towards these children.

A friendly visit from the police

Lots of helping hands!

The women of the Nepal Police Commitee with the children

The women of Nepal Police Committee came to visit Aishworya and the children.

They were very impressed with our wonderful kids for their talent and good behaviour. They donated food including two sacks of rice, some juice and clothes for the children and we are very grateful for their kindness!

Apprenticeships and Skills Training

As well as putting the children through school, we do our best to get the older children into courses and apprenticeships that will be useful for them in the future. Previously some went on an Electrics and Plumbing course, and this year Durga, Marich and Buddhi got training in Carpentry, which they are really enjoying.

The boys at the carpentry workshop

The boys at the carpentry workshop

The boys trained at a workshop called Shri Krishna Furniture; it’s named after the owner, who kindly agreed not only to train the boys but to have them live with him too!

The boys go to school in the mornings as usual, and then spend the afternoon in the workshop.

The budding carpenters show us what they have made

The budding carpenters show us what they have made


Another boy, Yamraj, joined Mr. Ishowor Dahal at the Utsav Maintenance and Training Center to learn how to repair air conditioning units and fix electronic goods. After 3years of training he will be able to get a job anywhere in Nepal with a good salary, and in the meanwhile it’s such a useful skill to have around the house; he is very good at his work, and fixes rice cookers, irons and everything with wires that breaks in the home! 

Nima is looking forward to her computer lessons!

Nima is looking forward to her computer lessons!




In addition to this, one of our oldest girls, Nima Sherpa (14) will start studying Computer lessons at school from this year. She is very excited and happy and is also able to practice at home, thanks to one of our donors who kindly provided Aishworya with a computer last year.



In the summer it’s very hot in Kathmandu, so the children were taken for a swim by our volunteers. Some of the children know how to swim already, and some are just learning, but they all really enjoy it! We are firm believers in giving our children the most well-rounded upbringing that we possibly can, and that includes doing  fun things like learning to swim!

Swimming is the best thing you can do in the hot weather

Playing in the pool


Our volunteers play such an important role in the development of Aishworya and the lives of our children, and this year we have again had some wonderful volunteers, who join us in trips to the cinema, the park, and swimming pools, as well as teaching English and other things. Carla, from London, stayed for 7 weeks, and Petri and Kaisla from Finland lived with us for 10 months!

5. Carla

Carla teaching the kids to swim

Kaisla and Petri with the children

Kaisla and Petri with the children



Our volunteers take part in festivals like Dashain and Tihar (Nepali Diwali) which are the biggest Nepali holidays, and are about family, food and visiting relatives. The most important day in Dashain is Tika Day, where the elders bless the younger members of the family.

Offering of Sale on Lapatee (leaf plates)

Offering of Sale on Lapatee (leaf plates)

Aishworya has been raising the children in a family environment and so Tika Day takes a special meaning, giving them a sense of belonging because here they have an elder to bless them and give them security and strength for the upcoming life.

During Tihar there is another tika day, called Bhai Tika, celebrated by sisters giving tika to their brothers.  During Tihar we make Sale, a round shaped deep-fried bread made of rice flour added with sugar, butter, hubs, milk and many more ingredients. The children love it!

An Aishworya Exhibition in Finland

We are very excited that two Finnish volunteers, Marianne and Outi, have been busy promoting Aishworya in Finland! Marianne and Outi stayed with us for 4 months last year, and said:

“We have been surprised how well-mannered and smart the children are here. They have many hobbies and interests like drawing and chess, some are even interested in learning Finnish!  During our time here these people have become our family since Aishworya children’s home is very good hearted and comfortable place to live.”

Marianne and Outi running their exhibition on Aishworya at home in Finland

Marianne and Outi at their Aishworya exhibition

Now that they’re back they have put up an exhibition at their local library to tell people a little bit about Aishworya. Lots of people walked by and asked questions about what it is like in Nepal. Their display included photographs and information about the orphanage, as well as some pictures that the children had drawn.

Lots of people were very interested in Aishworya, and many of them complimented the children on their fantastic artwork! We are very grateful to Marianne and Outi for working so hard and for promoting our good cause across the world!

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