Welcome to Aishworya

Aishworya is a small, family-run children’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal. We take orphaned and abandoned children into our care and provide them with:

  • A safe, loving home environment
  • Nutritious meals, clean water, clothing, medical care and all basic necessities
  • A good education through local schooling
  • A safe play area and the opportunity to develop social interaction skills
  • Support with vocational training.

We also take care of children whose families are struggling to provide for them. Where possible we work with and support these families so they can look after their children full-time again.

Following the devastating earthquake in April 2015, aftershocks have now calmed and an engineer has inspected our building and classified it as safe. So we’re ready to accept volunteers again and would love to see you – we need you now more than ever!

To learn more about the running of Aishworya, take a look Behind the Scenes.

How Aishworya came to be

  • In 2005 Nirmala Ghimire found two boys on the streets of Balaju; Jeetu (10) and Arun (8). They were dirty, hungry, homeless and crying. Arun was very sick so she took them to the hospital.
  • After local authorities placed the boys in an orphanage, Nirmala continued to visit them, bringing both food and comfort. A month later she found two more abandoned brothers in Chamati, Jack (9) and Andy (3), and took them to the same orphanage.
  • A year later the orphanage owner had a heart attack and the children were moved to a different orphanage where they were badly neglected and beaten regularly. So Nirmala decided to set up her own children’s home.
  • Nirmala quit her job as a driving instructor, and sold her land in order to pay rent on a new property and provide for the children.
  • Since then Aishworya has grown – we now provide a home to over 50 children. For all children who stay with us, either temporarily or permanently, we provide a caring, loving, and supportive environment to ensure their chance at a healthy future.

Find out more about some of Our Children.